“Best dog treats on the market! My dogs love them and I feel great giving them something so healthy! I have one picky eater so I sprinkle a few Sally Snacks on top of her food. That’s all it takes to get her going and next thing I know she has finished everything! Thank you, Sally Snacks!”

Jeannie Brown, San Diego, CA

“My very picky dog LOVES Sally Snacks! She started sniffing the package as soon as it arrived, she knew immediately there was something REALLY GOOD in there. We use them as a high value treat, and I swear my foodie dog knows the difference between other treats and Sally Snacks!”

Liz Mack, Silverlake, CA

“I bought these snacks for my dog, and to say he loves them is a massive understatement. He tends to be pretty picky about treats and gets tired of them quickly, but Sally Snacks are different. He hears me open the bag and he comes running. That’s the dog part of the equation — now here’s my part. I love knowing that when I give my dog these treats, I’m giving him something that doesn’t have any chemicals or fillers. He’s not a young dog — he’s a rescue with some significant health problems. I want him to have the best, and that’s why I’m reordering these today.”

Aimee Parriott, Seattle, WA

“I heard about these treats from a friend. My dogs love them. My Chihuahua, Sergio, is very picky. He actually jumps up for them. I also have two Great Danes. I give them all small bites and the bag is really lasting a long time. Another is on its way! If you have a picky eater, not too motivated by treats, this is your answer!!!”

Kristin Eastlund, Santa Fe, NM

“My 15-year old German Shepherd mix, Sophie, has been sick for a few months and feasting on Sally Snacks makes her eyes light up like she’s a puppy again. It wasn’t long after bringing her home all those years ago that I began educating myself about canine nutrition and the disparity between what they need to thrive and what is available commercially as dog food. Sally Snacks are made from just venison and turmeric and are apparently also delicious because my sweet old dog comes to life as soon as I pull out the bag. I don’t know how much more time I have with my baby but I’m glad I can give her delicious and nutritious treats in the meantime and relish in her joy at snatching them out of my hand.”

Newsha Mostafavi, NYC