Three Things I learned from our first YouTube review


On May 21 a review of Sally Snacks went up on the YouTube channel, "Experiences With My Dog".

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the guy who runs EWMD, a YouTube Channel devoted to reviews of all things dog related. In addition to letting me know the review would be coming (Nervewracking!), he attached three pages of very detailed questions he wanted to know about Sally Snacks.

I'm very proud of my little company and transparency is easy when you put integrity as your number one company goal, but to be honest, I had to do a little research on the first two questions.

1. What certifications does your manufacturer have?


2. Are your treats irradiated? Hello Google! (more on that in a sec)

3. Why aren't you using sustainable packaging? - Well, as a matter of fact, as soon as we run out of our current bags, we will be using recyclable bags made from recycled material. Throwing out bags would be a worse carbon footprint and a violation of my membership in the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

So yesterday I got an IG DM that the review was going live. I felt like an actor opening the New York Times the morning after his play opens on Broadway! What if they don't like me, I mean Sally Snacks? (OK, I've heightened the drama here, but you get what I'm saying).

So here it is, drumroll.... The 18 minute review of Sally Snacks on "Experiences with My Dog!"

Three Things I Learned From Our Review:

1.  There are other people out there on the same (very difficult and challenging mission) to help dog parents cast a discerning eye on what we are feeding our dogs, help to educate because the Pet Food Industry sometimes does their best to confuse us, and to hold Pet Food Companies accountable.  

2. Sally Snacks passed a very rigorous test and vetting. Since the inception of Sally Snacks, I have done everything I can to make the best product possible. But I've got exactly as much experience in the Pet Food Industry as days Sally Snacks went up on Amazon. I wasn't sure if I'd done everything I could to make a healthy treat, so it felt very good to know I have! (*BTW, Sally Snacks is longer on Amazon , but we do same day shipping just ike they do!)

3. We don't use any irradiation in our manufacturing. Don't worry I had to Google this too. Irradiation means to expose the food to high doses of radiation. Read this on the risks of irradiating food.

Overall it felt like Sally Snacks, the little company that could, had a nice moment in the spotlight with a warm hug of appreciation.

Thank you very "Experiences With My Dog." I'm hugging you back.(Please consider giving them a little love by signing up for their YouTube Channel.)

xx Lisa

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  • Aprill Baker

    So happy to see you’re getting such good recognition. I was at the LB Marriott when you spoke on stage about your company (the workshop event). I’ve been hoping that things continued to grow and improve for you and I have been telling people about your company ever Since. Keep up the fantastic work! Take Care!!

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